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A more affordable choice for radiology : AHI Imaging

After Hours Imaging (AHI) is a well-established full-service private imaging group based in Plattsburgh, NY. In Vermont, they are currently offering ultrasounds and are located at The Retina Center (off Swift Street in South Burlington). With time, we are hopeful AHI...

Charlotte Family Health welcomes Dr. Tina D’Amato

The Charlotte Family Health Center has welcomed a new provider to the practice, Dr. Tina D’Amato joins Dr. Andrea Regan and Physician Assistant Patrick Kearney to provide primary health care to children and adults at the Health Center. Dr. D’Amato grew up outside...

Medical Advice


Measles. If you were born before 1957, you are considered immune. If you were born in 1957 or after, the recommendations get a bit more complex: -If you know you have received two measles vaccines, you’re all set. It was not until 1996 that a second measles booster...

How To Maintain Your Metabolism

From Consumer Reports, by Jeanine Detz, 1/12/2019 Do you find that, lately, you get full more quickly or your weight has started creeping up and you’re not sure why? A drop in your metabolism may be to blame. Metabolism is the rate at which your body uses energy or...

Am I really allergic to penicillin?

From JAMA Patient Page, edited and condensed: Most people who report allergies to penicillin (PCN) are not allergic. About 1 in 10 patients has a PCN allergy noted in their medical record. Many such allergies are diagnosed in childhood, often because of a rash that...