TeleHealth at EvergreenHealth

Evergreen Family Health Group offers TeleHealth visits!  These visits are a convenience for you when it is difficult to get to one of our offices.  You can schedule a visit by calling the office and requesting a TeleHealth visit. 

Once you are scheduled, these steps will help ensure you have a successful audio and video virtual visit. 

1. PREFERRED DEVICE – The preferred device for a session is a smartphone (iPhone or Android). Notebooks or PC’s with audio and video capabilities can be used with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (V11+). Ipads and Tablets also work. Ipods do not work.

By clicking this link you will test your audio, video, and connection to our site.     Doxy Test link

2.  ENTER YOUR PRACTITIONERS VIRTUAL WAITING ROOM- The links below are for your provider’s virtual waiting room. It is good practice to enter the room 10 minutes prior to your scheduled visit. It is possible your provider may not have a link below in this case please take note that you will be sent a text link at the time of your appointment (see listed providers below).

3. THIRTY MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR VISIT –  PREPARE vital signs for your visit – Please have your vital signs prepared 30 minutes prior to your virtual visit. We request you collect the vital signs from sources within your home (a scale for your weight, thermometer for temperature, blood pressure cuff for blood pressure, or wearable fitness tracker to track your heart rate/pulse). Please have these measurements prepared to report when asked for them by the medical assistant. 

Evergreen TeleHealth Rooms  
 Paul Reiss, MD 
Jan Ferris, DO 
Michael Johnson, MD 
For Dr. Johnson you will be sent a text link at the time of your appointment.

Rebecca Joyce, MD

For Dr Joyce you will be sent a link at the time of your appointment
Elizabeth Newman, MD 
Elizabeth Loscalzo, PA-C 
Matthew Salter, PA-C :
For Matthew Salter you will be sent a text link at the time of your appointment.

Danielle Jasinski, PA-C 
Diane Collias, LICSW 

Noah Wollenberg, PA

Cheryl Underwood, FNP

Charlotte TeleHealth Rooms 

Andrea Regan, MD 
Patrick Kearney, PA-C 
Tina D’Amato, DO 

Alex Graham, MD

Alder Brook TeleHealth Rooms 

 James Dougherty, MD 
Diane Rippa, MD 
Annegret Schmitt-Johnson, FNP 

Jaime Callaghan, FNP