Influenza vaccines

All four of our offices have influenza vaccines for the 2022-2023 flu season. If you have an appointment to see a provider, please ask the medical assistant rooming you for a flu vaccine. If you’d like to schedule an appointment for one of our many flu clinics, see below for dates/times/locations. Due to staffing shortages in our admin teams answering the phones, please consider sending a message via your patient portal to request a flu clinic appointment.

flu clinic datetype of  vaccinelocation/towntime
9/10/2022fluEFH-Willston 28 Park Ave9:00-1:00
9/17/2022fluEFH-Willston 28 Park Ave1:00-4:00
9/24/2022fluEFH-Willston 28 Park Ave9:00-1:00
9/13/2022fluAFH/Essex Town Alder Brook10:00-noon
9/20/2022fluAFH/Essex Town Alder Brook3:00-5:00
9/27/2022fluAFH/Essex Town Alder Brooknoon-3:00
9/7/2022fluJunction/Essex 55 Main St1 0:00-noon
9/14/2022fluJunction/Essex 55 Main St1:00-4:00
9/21/2022fluJunction/Essex 55 Main St2:00-5:00
10/1/2022fluEFH-Willston 28 Park Ave9:00-2:00
10/15/2022fluEFH-Willston 28 Park Avenoon-4:00
10/22/2022fluEFH-Willston 28 Park Ave11:00-3:00
10/11/2022fluAFH/Essex Town Alder Brook1:00-4:00
10/20/2022fluAFH/Essex Town Alder Brook9:00-noon
10/12/2022fluJunction/Essex 55 Main Stnoon-2:00
10/25/2022fluJunction/Essex 55 Main St1:00-4:00