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Did you know that Evergreen Family Health is open on Saturday?  So, if you’re sick on a weekend, you can call us and be seen in our office.  We are open on Saturday specifically so that you you don’t have to go to the Emergency Room or elsewhere for care.  Our Saturday hours are 9 am to 2 pm (or later, if needed).

Did you also know that if you are sick any day Monday through Saturday, we will see you that same day?  We designate at least one practitioner to stay after hours and see all patients who are sick and need to be seen that day.  You may not get an appointment with your regular primary care provider, but you will be seen on the day that you are sick.

Lastly, we always have a physician on call so if you need help after hours, you can always call the office and you’ll be able to reach the doctor on call.

Of course if you are having a medical emergency, you should always call 911.

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Important Update About Insurance Coverage for Preventive Health Visits

Beginning in January of this year, most insurance companies now cover 100% of the cost of preventive health services. Preventive health visits (formerly referred to as “physicals”) are fully covered only if the visit is preventive in nature. If medical problems are discussed, evaluated and/or treated during a preventive health visit, those services will be billed separately and will be subject to copays and deductibles. Click on the following link for more information.

Preventive Care vs Medical Care Coverage

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Medication and Pharmacy Procedures

Medication and Pharmacy Procedures

Our office policy is to prescribe enough refills at each office visit to last until your next required office visit. For most medications annual office visits are required. For the purpose of safety, efficiency and quality of care in managing your long term medications we require an office visit when you need to “renew” your prescriptions. Each renewal requires a review of your medical records, medications and an assessment of your current medical status.
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Evergreen Family Health prefers to NOT manage medications over the phone, as it is potentially unsafe.

We do not want you to run out of medications.  If you are due for medication renewals we will get you in for a timely office visit  to review your medical status.

We've established the following practices:

1) At each visit, we'll ensure that you have enough refills of your regular medications until your next planned visit.
2) We empower patients to know their medications by keeping updated medication lists and actively renewing medications during visits.
3) We recommend that your bring all bottles containing your medications with you to every office visit. (The most accurate information is on the bottles themselves.)
4) We require patients on chronic or long term medications to have an office visit at least once a year so that their provider evaluates their condition and the effectiveness of medication(s).
5) We recommend that patients on medications that must be renewed every 6 months (by pharmacy regulations – antidepressants, anxiety medication or sleeping pills), actually come in to be reassessed every 6 months.
6)  If you are due for a medication renewal we will work directly with you.  We often cannot know the source of pharmacy requests for renewals.

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