Our Services

Adult Preventative Care

Health maintenance exams (“physicals”) are intended for general wellness screenings and personalized health recommendations. As a rule, we recommend health maintenance exams every three years between the ages of 18 and 40, every two years between ages 40 and 50 and yearly after age 50. If we are prescribing your medication in an ongoing fashion, we want to see you at least yearly, regardless of your age.


We are proud to offer on-site lab testing with rapid results for cholesterol, blood sugar, pregnancy tests, strep, flu, urinalysis, and diabetic hemoglobin A1C testing. We have an anticoagulation program for our patients on blood thinners, with PT/INR tests performed in house during a brief nurse visit and medication adjustments can be made immediately. When needed, off-site imaging such as x-ray, ultrasound, CAT scan and MRI will be arranged. This will be same day for emergencies or as soon as available.

Additional Services
  • DOT physicals
  • Family planning
  • Vasectomy
  • Flu vaccine clinics
  • Fracture care
  • Laceration repair
  • Motor vehicle accident services
  • Skin procedures such as wart treatment and mole & cyst removal
  • Sports medicine
  • Social worker on site
  • Travel consultation
  • Worker’s compensation services
  • Experienced Psychiatrist available for consultation regarding diagnosis and management
Acute Care

We are committed to seeing you for same-day visits for urgent and emergency illnesses and injuries. We are open every Saturday with this in mind as well. After hours, an Evergreen physician can always be reached for urgent matters by calling (802) 878-1008 and the answering service will contact the physician on call.

Chronic Conditions

We provide surveillance for and management of a broad range of chronic medical conditions. When necessary, we will arrange for consultations with specialists and coordinate the care you need.

Well Child Care

Your child’s health and wellbeing is very important to us. During check-ups we evaluate growth, development, hearing, speech, and vision. We also discuss nutrition, safety, and expected changes in your child’s behavior. Your child will receive vaccinations and may get screening tests for blood lead, iron, or cholesterol. Well child visits are usually scheduled at two weeks and at two, four, six, nine, 12 to 15, 18, 24, and 30 months of age. Starting at age three we schedule annual well child visits. Please call four weeks in advance for your child’s regular check-up. Appointments for summer camp, school and college physicals should be scheduled as far in advance as possible.

TeleHealth at Evergreen

Evergreen Family Health Group offers TeleHealth visits!  These visits are a convenience for you when it is difficult to get to one of our offices.  You can schedule a visit by calling the office and requesting a TeleHealth visit.

Once scheduled; these steps will help ensure you have a successful video and audio virtual visit.

1. PREFERRED DEVICE- The preferred device for a session is a smartphone (iPhone or Android). Notebooks or pc’s with audio and video capabilities can be used with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (V11+).

By clicking this link you will test your audio, video, and connection to our Doxy.me site.     Doxy Test link

3. ENTER YOUR PRACTITIONERS VIRTUAL ROOM- The links below are for your provider’s virtual room.  It is good practice to enter the room 30 minutes prior to your scheduled visit.  The medical assistant will meet you and collect needed information for your visit.

Evergreen TeleHealth Rooms-
Paul Reiss, MD
Jan Ferris, DO
Michael Johnson, MD
Rebecca Joyce, MD
Elizabeth Newman, MD
Elizabeth Loscalzo, PA-C
Matthew Salter, PA-C
Adrienne Bonvini, PA-C
Danielle Jasinski, PA-C
Diane Collias, LICSW

Charlotte TeleHealth Rooms-
Andrea Regan, MD

Patrick Kearney, PA-C
Tina D’Amato, DO

Alder Brook TeleHealth Rooms-
James Dougherty, MD

Diane Rippa, MD
Annegret Schmitt-Johnson, FNP