How To Maintain Your Metabolism

From Consumer Reports, by Jeanine Detz, 1/12/2019 Do you find that, lately, you get full more quickly or your weight has started creeping up and you’re not sure why? A drop in your metabolism may be to blame. Metabolism is the rate at which your body uses energy or...

Am I really allergic to penicillin?

From JAMA Patient Page, edited and condensed: Most people who report allergies to penicillin (PCN) are not allergic. About 1 in 10 patients has a PCN allergy noted in their medical record. Many such allergies are diagnosed in childhood, often because of a rash that...
END OF LIFE ISSUES: 5 commonly held myths

END OF LIFE ISSUES: 5 commonly held myths

Some people don’t have a health care power of attorney or living will because they don’t realize how important these documents are. Others worry that such documents mean they are signing their lives away. Not so.